Renovation and adaptive reuse of
a 1980’s industrial warehouse building into
the new premises of ELKEME, Oinofyta.

ELKEME, the HELLENIC RESEARCH CENTRE FOR METALS S.A., is a member of the VIOHALCO group, a brand that is identified with the development of the metallurgical industry in Greece. Using advance level equipment, ELKEME produces and exchanges technology on a global scale.

The new premises of ELKEME occupied part of an old 4.000 sq.m. warehouse, with a provision for future expansion within the same building. The addition of a first floor within a large area of the building already offers a total area of 2.800 sq.m. to the ELKEME laboratories and offices at this first phase.

Offices are arranged behind the side and rear facades’ windows, while a long atrium brings daylight to the inner laboratories. The former 250 sq.m. office areas behind the center of the front facade will now be used as reception, exhibition and conference spaces.

Using VIOHALCO products, the 30-year-old warehouse building was covered with an add-on metallic structure composed of plain white vertical blades in front of a darker background. The rather simple pattern creates a strong visual effect to the fast passing-by traffic.

Pure white reflects the clinical character of the research centre, as opposed to the silver grey metallic facades of the surrounding industrial buildings, and also distinguishes it from the adjacent colourful commercial warehouses. LED illumination highlights the high-tech character of the premises.

Lighting design by Athanassios Danilof, www.thanosdanilof.com