Our office was established in 1955 by architects Eleni Kritika and Konstantinos Oikonomidis-Doumpas. In 1994, oikonomidis architects (“Oikonomidis-Doumpas & Associates Architects Ltd”) was listed in the Greek State registry of Technical Consulting Companies and has since held high grade corporate certificates in Greek architectural practice. Our quality management system is certified to ISO 9001 requirements, regarding consultancy, design process and construction supervision.

With more than 60 years of professional practice and hundreds of projects in our portfolio, our office has accumulated experience in a wide variety of building projects. Our list of projects encompass residential, commercial, industrial, cultural and public facilities works, as well as outdoor public space.

Client first

Customisation is the hallmark of our work, as opposed to conformity in design: rather than fitting our clients’ projects into a stylistic mold, we examine the specific needs and potential of each project and adapt our approach accordingly.


While responding to our clients’ priorities, our aim has always been the same: quality architecture that lasts – meaningful and effective design, incorporating high technical and aesthetic standards.


In collaboration with specialist architects and engineers we integrate “green” thinking into our work and present our clients with meaningful ecological as well as economic benefits.