Vacation house, Island of Paros

The attractive four acre site is situated on a small peninsula on the southern coast of the Island of Paros, offering 180° views towards the blue Aegean.

Positioning of the building was strictly dictated by local planning regulations. Despite the size of the land, building area itself was limited within a 1,000 sq.m. triangular plot to allow 50 meters minimum distance from the coast. Furthermore, the design adhered to strict local rules, following the traditional architecture of the Cyclades, with restrictions applying to the size of the partial volumes, of the windows etc.

It was agreed to maintain a “low tone” architectural design, giving priority to simplicity and practicality. The house is divided into three separate wings that fan out into different directions: a central wing with living room and kitchen (arranged as focal point) on the ground floor, and the master suite on the upper floor; a children’s wing to the east, a guest wing to the north.

The “wings” are formed by various cube-shaped units. Their discretely ordered composition offers the advantage of views on three sides of every single room, and allows for a number of outdoor seating areas that provide both privacy and versatility with varying views over the surrounding landscape. Long stone-walls extend from the building into the garden, integrating outdoor spaces with the composition. Outdoor stairways offer alternative vertical circulation.

The main veranda faces the sea towards the south, in order to stay protected from the typical of the area northern winds. A second indoor/outdoor living room, at the heart of the building, offers sunset views and can be used during the colder months of the year, or when southern winds prevail.