Vacation house, Island of Meganissi

This summer house is to be built on a sloping seaside plot on the Island of Meganissi. Building permit has been obtained, however the house has not yet been built.

Our client requested a “60’s” feel. Next to the bright modern pavilion style living room, planted roof terraces form an extension to the landscape and blend with the garden terraces. Long horizontal stone walls contribute to the overall design, giving shape and order to the sloping landscape, while merging with the walls that form the building. This interplay between indoors and outdoors is characteristic of the design.

Both interior and exterior floorings to be finished in rough materials to enhance the desired casual holiday feeling. Planted earth, stonewalls and rough concrete contrast with the crystalline surfaces of the pool and the pavilion’s large glass walls. The bright blue of the Ionian Sea complements the overall picture.