Hotel K29

A straightforward and quick transformation of a 1970’s small office building in the centre of Athens -29, Ag.Konstantinou str.

Total plot area does not exceed 140 sq. meters. However, the relatively long front façade and the simplicity of the structure allowed for successful exploitation of the eight-floor building.

The façade had been updated during the nineties, and we have retained it so as to keep the cost within the budget. The style fitted well with our contemporary design intentions, while the interiors’ new arrangements were easily matched to the façade’s simple order. Exterior interventions were restricted to an industrial-style flat pergola, hinged on the ceiling of the 5-meter-high porch of the ground floor, to shelter a rather open and welcoming entrance & reception area. The reception office has been incorporated with the linear modern coffee-bar which stretches along the back of the porch, and a compact communal workspace has been fitted at the mezzanine.

The six floors of the main volume of the building provide 29 rooms. Their straightforward design offers practicality and convenience, no matter their small size, while the wall-to-wall north facing windows offer a modern lucidity. Natural light is extended into the bathrooms via narrow internal glass partitions.

On the seventh floor, a café-restaurant in a loft-like style connects to the city from high up, taking advantage of its wide windows and its balcony. Another metallic pergola, matched to the one on the ground floor, shelters both the 7th floor balcony and the 8th floor terrace, both offering generous views of the urban surroundings.

Bookings at the K29 are already very sought after, with reviews appreciating and commenting on the design of the rooms: “lovely room”, “excellent bathroom”, “room was compact, yet ergonomic”, “although small, the room was very functional and comfortable”.

Lighting design by Athanassios Danilof, www.thanosdanilof.com