New premises for the “TANDEM” hot finishing mill, ELVAL S.A., Oinofyta

ELVAL S.A. Hellenic Aluminum Industry (part of the VIOHALCO group) is a leading company in aluminum rolling worldwide. Installation of the new SMS “TANDEM” hot finishing aluminum mill (2018-2020) is part of a EUR 150 million investment to further upgrade the company’s position in the global aluminum industry, as well as to focus more intently into the automotive and aerospace industry, by increasing both production capacity and variety of flat rolled aluminum products (by offering wider and thicker rolled strips). The new facilities also introduce the latest industrial technology to improve the plant’s environmental footprint.

Having participated several times in the past in the design of the company’s infrastructure at the Oinofyta plant, our office was awarded the architectural design of this project as well.

The large four-stand “TANDEM” mill and its production space will be sheltered within a 23 m. high metallic building that extends to an area of 8,500 sq.m. and is flanked by the facilities’ support buildings that are of an equivalent size: a 6,000 sq.m. large and 11 m. deep concrete basement houses the mill’s hydraulics and cooling system, a 1,000 sq.m. concrete ground floor shelters the electrical transformers and panels, whereas another 3,000 sq.m. of spaces arranged on four floors include the various computers’/control rooms and the engineers’ offices.

Architectural design included the circulation and fire-escape planning, as well as the design of the facades and various construction details of the buildings and shells, and the interior design of workspaces.