Nikopolis Research Centre

Located on the west coast of Greece, by the Ionian Sea, Nikopolis is an area of historical significance, offering an impressive variety of ruins dating from the Roman, early-Christian and Byzantine periods.

Nikopolis Research Centre is a part of the Ministry’s plan to enhance the archaeological site. The building will provide a conference hall, a specialist library, study rooms, visitors’ cafeteria with a viewing terrace, and a guest house for visiting scientists.

The designated ten acre site lies atop a small hill offering spectacular views towards the plain of ancient Nikopolis, the neighboring gulf and the Ionian Sea. The new building is envisioned to become a landmark in the area, while at the same time suggesting a gentle and modest presence in relation to the archaeological site, and to the surrounding protected natural environment.

To make the most of the site’s advantages, the building would be positioned on top of the hill. Our design proposed a series of interrelated spaces, in a composition carefully adapted to the landscape and the existing olive grove’s layout. A significant part of the complex will be built underground, with planted roofs forming an extension to the landscape.

Visitors will not only be able to walk around the site, but also along the buildings roofs, to enjoy the views. The ‘promenade’ continues in the interior, afforded by a long hallway offering a sequence of different viewing angles to create an intimate relation between indoors and outdoors. Appropriate layout of the rooms together with landscape adaptation provide all areas with quality natural light.

Main materials: rust-enriched concrete (for support walls forming the synthesis of the complex and for the underground parts of the building), pre-oxidized corten panels, plain or perforated according to needs (applied on the detached rectangular volumes), and wood (on outdoor decks and pergolas, selected flooring etc.).