Indoor Swimming Pool, Serres

Public buildings sometimes present architects with the opportunity to create their own design, free of stylistic preferences dictated by clients. Indeed, this was the case when this indoor swimming pool in Serres, a small town in Northern Greece, was commissioned in 1966. The result was rather avant-garde for its time and place. The building still looks as modern as it did at its opening 50 years ago, although it is obvious that significant restoration is needed (accompanying photographs illustrate its present condition).

The characteristic geometrical structure is accompanied by a playful landscape design creating a firm bond between the building and the ground. The sloping glass curtain wall provides the interior with quality natural light while affording pleasant views of the pine-tree surroundings and the sky when swimming.

Installation of solar panels on the sloping roof is today planned by the municipality of Serres. This would place the building at the forefront of energy efficient architecture design as well.