Pedestrian network around the
Athens Olympic Complex: design, landscaping and lighting

In anticipation of the 2004 Olympic Games, the road network surrounding the Athens Olympic Complex was reconstructed in order to facilitate increased needs. Pedestrian streets and wide pavements had to be merged into an integrated network, with a total length of 5 km and an area of approximately 45,000 sq. m.

The new design had to efficiently serve the specific needs of the Olympic Games, while also creating a friendly walking, jogging and cycling area for the wider neighbourhood once the Games were over.

Different surface textures and colours were used to organize and define parallel movements and various uses (walking and bicycle lanes, sitting areas, etc). Lighting installations emphasized axes and zone distinctions. However, original design details were not fully implemented, as a result of compromises that had to be made because of time constraints. Similarly, plants and greenery played a key role in the composition, but, unfortunately, there is little evidence today of any meaningful landscaping due to the lack of subsequent maintenance.