House in Varibobi, Attica

This unique five acre site is situated at the foot of Mount Parnitha, within the broad Athens basin, in a beautiful forested area adjoining the former royal estate. The client’s family would benefit from living in an environment dominated by a rich variety of plants and impressive old trees.

The house was to be used not only as a secluded private residence, but also as a place to entertain guests and to provide spaces for various activities. In order to fulfill these requirements, the plan divides the house into sub-entities, to include reception and common living areas, the family wing, a guest house and an indoor lap pool.

The wings of the building fan out into different directions in a composition that takes advantage of the natural plantings and existing trees, integrating them into the overall design and creating an intimate dialogue between the interior and outdoor areas. Enriched with water elements, the garden weaves throughout the design of the building and forms an integral part of it.

Raw materials, tiled roofs, lots of wood, and stone walls would be blended with this rather modern layout to create a low-keyed style.

The plan was strongly endorsed by the client and was selected for implementation over other architectural firms’ competitive proposals. The project, however, has since been postponed.