Leisure complex at Mt. Parnassos

Our plan implements from our client’s vision of a small but unique “green” resort at Mt. Parnassos, Greeceā€™s top skiing and winter vacation destination.

The complex will include bungalows, ranging from one-bedroom to family suites, as well as a group of small private houses. Set into the slope of the narrow 5 acres plot, the houses are carefully placed to ensure the residents’ privacy and take advantage of the dramatic views. A central facilities building (lounge, bar, restaurant, swimming pool and playroom) will also have a large underground parking garage to keep vehicles out of sight.

In close proximity to a National Park, at an altitude of 1650 m, the project’s main objective is to achieve the least possible impact on its natural surroundings. The complex will therefore use the latest waste management and energy saving technologies, as well as energy production systems that utilize sustainable resources.

A minimalistic approach will be combined with latest technology in wood construction (prefabricated laminated timber). The design will also use local stone and rough concrete, together with large windows, facing the views, and south sloping solar paneled roofs.