ZEYA law firm new offices, Athens

The speed of both the study and overall execution, together with budget minimization, were key to the success of this project. Relocation took place 20 weeks after assignment of the project.

Materials were kept simple and straightforward. Emphasis was given to advanced networks and systems as well as to acoustical issues. The minimalistic style is enhanced by an extraordinary collection of photography artwork.

More than 120 individual workspaces together with archive spaces are arranged on the two upper floors (1.000 sq.m. each). The 800 sq.m. former retail area on the ground level was divided into two main sections to include a reception area with conference rooms and administrative office. A third section, behind the front window, became a small café and dining space which, combined with the adjacent conference rooms, forms a 200 sq.m. area to allow for larger in-house conferences.

Plain white walls and glass partitions are combined with natural cork flooring. Concrete ceilings with exposed e/m installations were sufficient for the individual office spaces, whereas sound absorbing ceiling paneling is used in the front office, the conference rooms and the open plan workspace of the ground floor. Lighting design compatible with the project’s minimalistic character is based on customized solutions and products.

Lighting design by Athanassios Danilof, www.thanosdanilof.com