ELVAL S.A. administation offices – extension

This is an extension of the ELVAL S.A. administration office building situated at the front of the company’s plant in Oinofyta. The original building dates back to 1980 and provides 1,800 sq.m. of workspace arranged on 4 floors. The addition aims to double the area and will form a separate “new wing”, to minimize inconvenience that will be caused during construction. The “new wing’s” floors will form a natural extension of the existing ones. In the centre, a new main entrance hall will link the two wings together taking on main distribution of interior circulation, both vertically and horizontally.

An opaque curtain wall will be applied to the facades, wrapping the two wings together, unifying the different eras as well as providing workspace with shade. The curtain wall will consist of perforated aluminum panels arrayed vertically in combination with blades, all in shiny white. The “curtain opens-up” in front of the central hall’s windows, offering a podium for a decorative tree at the front façade and allowing balconies to stretch out from the rear. A linear metallic exterior fire-escape staircase is also embodied in the curtain wall’s structure on the east side façade.