High-Level Apartments Complex
Lusail Entertainment City , Doha, Qatar

A fast tack preliminary study for the design of a 150.000 sq.m. apartments complex on a pair of whole block plots (60.000 and 80.000 sq.m.) situated between a luxurious shopping mall and a yacht marina, all of them to be built in the under development “Entertainment City”, Lusail, next to Doha.

Positioning of the two linear and curved forms -which host various apartment units in a flexible hotel type layout- accompanied by a long “bridge-building” that connects the two plots, creates a unified whole where public open space holds a key role.

Escalated terraces of the buildings are to be used as roof gardens with swimming pools. Open air pilotis offer continuous flow of outdoor space throughout the ground floor, in order to connect the outside public space to the piazzas nestled in the inner curves of the buildings. Inner and outer curved facades adopt a different pattern to create an interplay between the two structures.

Restaurants and cafeterias are to be situated under the 550m long and 20m wide bridge, adjacent to the promenades that stretch around the water pools. Underground car park entrances are located at the two ends of the bridge-building where ramps dive into the ground under its lowering edges.